C1 began in September of 2009 with a call from the Lord and a  major leap of faith. After years of playing professional soccer and leading youth ministry in Charlotte, NC; Donn and his wife Cyndie began feeling a tug toward “something different”. For months they were unsure of what the Lord was asking them to do so they began pushing on doors and seeking God’s guidance. They knew one thing and one thing only; God was preparing their family for something.

On that fateful September morning their world changed. As their family sat down to eat breakfast, Donn said the phrase that began it all; “I think I know what God is asking us to do.” He then spent the next hours describing a ministry in the small town of Gloversville, NY (the town where Cyndie grew up and they had both sworn they would “never go back to”). Apparently, through a few sleepless nights, the Lord had laid a calling on Donn’s heart and Change of 1 was born.

Over the next few months, as the Lord confirmed the calling and plan, the Truax family resigned from their ministry work in North Carolina, sold their home and moved to Gloversville. As they began to share the vision for a Christian Community Center that would serve as a safe haven for people who are struggling through life’s journey; others came on board and joined hands in the movement. Although it was initially expected to take a year or two to get a center opened, God’s plan was much bigger. Within just a few months of moving to Gloversville, C1 first opened its doors and began reaching out from its storefront directly in the heart of the city on Main Street.

In May of 2017, God called again and a similar calling was placed on the Truax’s hearts. God instructed them to return to Charlotte, NC so that others could step up and lead. This calling was not a “goodbye” and more of a “see you soon”. Although, Donn and Cyndie stepped down from leading C1 they are still involved on the Board of Directors. Their calling to step down made it so that others could step up. God called Ken and Chelsea Carman to move up in the ministry You can follow this link here to read up on them and their new positions at the ministry. 

C1 continues to be fully funded through local churches, businesses and friends. We are grateful to watch how God provides and grows His vision.

Today, C1 is home to the biggest Christian addiction recovery ministry in the area as well as a womens ministry outreach and a youth ministry. Their goal is to simply be “Christ with skin on” in a city that has a lot of heartache and needs the hope of a Savior. 


Prayer Card Picture 2012

The Truax Family serving in Gloversville, NY from 2009-2017. Thank you for your dream made reality, and your continued service for C1!