Addiction Recovery


Let’s be honest; we all have our “stuff” in life.  Your addiction may not look like mine and mine may not look like my neighbor’s, but we all have hurts, hang-ups and baggage that we are striving to turn over to God.  Join arm in arm with others as we travel this road together.  No judgement…just Christ.



This group meets on Tuesdays and it is a group for almost anyone who needs a little extra help. Our curriculum is “One Day at a Time” and it is a devotional that we read together and share amongst a safe place what is going on in our lives and what scripture says about it. 

This recovery group meets on Thursdays. We utilize the Celebrate Recovery curriculum for this group. Read the section and discuss what it is telling us and how we can relate that to our walk in recovery, which can be difficult at times. Recovery is a constant healing process and everyone needs a little extra help along the way.