The Carman Family


Ken and Chelsea are originally from this area; Ken is from a small town 15 miles north of C1 called Northville and Chelsea is was born and raised in Gloversville. Both, Ken and Chelsea grew up in homes that did not attend church let alone have a biblical basis. The couple relied on local youth groups and friends who would ultimately lead them to Christ.

Ken and Chelsea first began their time at C1 by volunteering at 1Generation youth group. Through their time serving together the two began to date. The couple was married in August 2013 and welcomed their son Elisha in February 2016.

During the years of following Christ the couple felt a ‘tug’ in their hearts for C1, and to remain serving faithfully in this ministry. In the May of 2017, they would soon find out why it was important to stay with Change of 1; as Donn & Cyndie announced that they would be moving back to North Carolina, Ken and Chelsea answered the call to step up and continue to operate Change of 1.¬†


To say that C1 has made an impact on the lives of Ken and Chelsea Carman is an understatement.  Ken went on to study at Davis Bible College in Binghamton, NY and would obtain his Bachelors in Religious Education with a focus in Pastoral Studies, Ken is working towards a Masters of Divinity from Grand Canyon University. Chelsea received her Bachelors in Psychology from Liberty University and possesses her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

The couple¬†utilizes their education and experience to reach out to the¬†individuals in Gloversville. Ken leads two groups during the week at C1, one is a bible study and the other is a recovery focused group. Chelsea’s passion is in the youth in this city. The couple recognize the need to pour into the lives of the teenagers in this area, being that most of the teens make up roughly 42% of the poverty stricken families in the city. In 2018, the youth outreach formally known as One Generation ended and the couple established the new youth outreach known today as¬†Underground. This youth outreach as grown substantially over the last year and a half now¬†welcoming¬†in as much as 25 teens off the street. Underground is held on the 2nd and 4th Friday each month.¬†

Ken, Chelsea and Elisha (Eli)