1 Gen Youth Outreach

1 Generation is a safe place for 6th-12th graders to laugh, be crazy and get to know Christ better.  We spend time with one another enjoying some pizza, games and a short lesson that introduces to them the meaning of living a Christian life. The best way to describe 1Gen is through transparency they see Christ.

Meet Our Director

Chelsea Carman

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I am a graduate from Gloversville (Class of 2010). Back then I did not know about God, at least not the way I do now. I didn’t get to know Him until 2011, when I accepted Jesus in my friends car after a Youth Outreach event called Pink Chicken. Through God and His calling I landed immediately in Change of 1 Ministry as a youth leader. 

I am married to Ken Carman, who is the COC for C1 and we have one son, Elisha who is 2 years old. Some of my favorite things other than Jesus and my Family are: Coffee, TJ Maxx, Coffee, Coconut Icecream, Coffee, Soccer, and Oh! Did I mention Coffee? I have many passions but nothing that speaks louder than C1 and this youth outreach. This place has been home for my entire Christian life and I would not have it any other way. I love Sundays spent with the youth that walk in and desire to understand and see Christ the way that I do. 

Upcoming Events

For this outing we place the youth on teams with a leader. They have 1 hour to spend $5 and collect as many items as they can. After the hour, they will return back and we will count and see which team is the winner!





This will be the 3rd year of putting on the “InstaHunt” and we have so much fun doing it! Similar to the $5 Shopping Spree each youth is placed onto a team. They have 1 hour to take pictures provided for them. These pictures could be anything from, “Reenact a fight scene using spoons at Walmart” to “Take a picture with a pastor”. The thought process is to have fun but to also get them out in the community and showing people that we can have fun and still be Christians!